Rose of Sharon Photograph by Courtesy of Monrovia (Hibiscus syriacus) A lodge-garden prime canine, this species is a prune coated in big, tootle-shaped dark-pink flowers and toothy dark-green leaves from June to October. ‘Sugar Tip,’ generally additionally referred to as ‘American Irene Scott,’ bears light-pink double pseudanthium and uniquely streaked white-and-melancholy-green foliage in a cultivar […]

Our conclusion garden is situated within the genuine circuit of La Grange, instantly adjoining to the Museum. Our Historical past The realm the place the garden is now was as soon as the Cozy Theatre, a preferred spot to soak up the newest movement image till March 2000, when a hearth destroyed it. Seeded over […]

Amaryllis are solely hardy in zones 9 – 10, so most individuals develop them indoors as houseplants, beginning in time for the vacations. Should you exist within the South, you may plant them in gardens in any case hazard of frost has handed. In any other case, you may simply go away them in submit […]

Count on bushes and shrubs in your landscape design to take from three to 5 years to begin to look mature. Alternatively, annual beds stuffed with herbs, greens, and flowers may give you a colourful and engaging impingement beginning the very first accustom Owners in all climates-with small or giant yards-can profit from a trellis […]